Life Faith Stuff -ebook by Claes Jonasson

This journey we’re on

Looking at the many intersections in life and questions we face along the way.

Life, faith, stuff

LIFE. Each of our lives is a hero’s journey. We may not feel like it a lot of the time. Sometimes we forget what the quest is about. But we’re here, on Earth, on this journey.

FAITH. We are born with a hole — something missing. Then we spend much of our lives trying to fill that hole. Faith is essential in that process. Faith is the stepping out of where I know I am to place confidence in something I haven’t seen or tested yet. If we didn’t have faith, we’d never take risks.

STUFF. On life’s journey, we carry around stuff. Some of it is helpful, some of it holds us back. Some of it we hang on to because we don’t know how to put it aside.

THE INTERSECTIONS OF LIFE. The forks in the road where things get interesting and choices are made. Mostly small choices. Seemingly inconsequential. Until we one day realize that together all those little choices formed the fabric and pattern of our lives. Then we see that they made all the difference. It is here we see what we are made of or yet capable of becoming.

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
Helen Keller

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